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Spotlight on EYSO board members, students, and alumni. Get to know EYSO in a whole new light!



Todd Anderson remembers EYSO as an important part of his high school experience, even if he isn't actively playing bass these days. Today, he is a motorsports consultant and professional boat racer: “What I do for a living, all my clients do as a hobby,” he explains. Growing up, boat racing was a family tradition—during the school year, Todd focused on school and music activities like EYSO, and over the summer, he spent time on the water learning to race with his father and brothers. At college, he completed a double-major in music and business, and after school he decided to pursue his dream full-speed in the motorsports industry. 

“There were a lot of good life experiences in EYSO—you have to practice every day, just like I have to work on my racing every day,” Todd says. “It’s all these little steps working toward a big goal.” In EYSO, Todd saw how important his individual preparation was during rehearsals and performances with a larger group; in racing, his own preparation plus support from a team of engineers often leads to a trophy bearing just Todd’s name. “They don’t necessarily get much recognition, but it’s really a collaboration of about half a dozen people” coaching him to victory, he acknowledges. He sees a similar team aspect in the upbringing of musicians: “You have a private teacher, you have a conductor, you have a section leader…people all around you” working together towards the big goal of a performance.

Todd says that it’s been fun and rewarding to carry on his family’s racing legacy over the past several years, but he doesn’t plan to stay in the professional motorsports field forever. “I’m actually working on two master’s degrees—an MBA and a finance master’s, trying to give myself options.” Congratulations on all you’ve achieved, Todd! EYSO is proud to have been a part of your story, and we’re excited to see what you do next.

- Article written by Membership Coordinator and Music Librarian Emily Krasinski

Thank You

Two words that mean SO much! We are grateful to ALL EYSO supporters. On that note, we'd like to highlight this month's special supporters...


Thank you to Illinois Arts Council Agency (IACA) for awarding EYSO another season of support.
EYSO is grateful for the many years of support provided by IACA and their work in advocating for the arts in Illinois. 

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If you're an Amazon shopper, please bookmark: smile.amazon.com and select "Elgin Youth Symphony Orchestra" as the nonprofit to support. This is an easy way to give to EYSO doing what you're already doing. Every amount adds up and is a great help to our fundraising efforts.

Tisbest.org is fueling the movement to replace gifts of stuff with gifts of good that meaningfully connect individuals with important causes. EYSO is one of the nonprofit organizations gift card holders can support. Here's a list of all U.S. nonprofit organizations supported via tisbest.org: All U.S. Charities (click here).

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