Audition for EYSO


Auditions for the 2022-23 season are closed, except for select openings for brass players at all levels. Brass applicants should email for instructions on how to apply. 


The EYSO Difference

EYSO offers unparalleled performance opportunities combined with a comprehensive learning environment through rigorous methods of inquiry and “expert noticing.” EYSO prepares students for a lifelong journey of inquiry, creativity, and growth.

Serving students in grade four through college, EYSO comprises nearly 300 students from more than 70 communities in the Chicago area.

  • Eric Bahena Figueroa, bassoon
    Every Sunday I get to participate in a full orchestra rehearsal and make some truly amazing music. To me, the music is one thing, but the incredible sense of community is even better and is a strong reason as to why I have stuck with the organization throughout my current gap year.
    Eric Bahena Figueroa, bassoon
    Youth Symphony
  • Primo violinst
    Some of the reasons I love EYSO so much are: I make new friends, I learn new things, I get to be a part of an AWESOME Orchestra!
    Primo violinst
  • Evelyn Irwin, cello
    More than just playing, EYSO makes you think—about music, art, and the world at large. It’s that critical thinking that’s stuck with me and influenced so much of my growth and development since I joined the program. Plus it’s fun!
    Evelyn Irwin, cello
    Youth Symphony