Audition Information and Requirements

Auditions for the 2022-23 season are closed, except for select openings for brass players at all levels. Brass applicants should email for instructions on how to apply.

Audition Information and Requirements

EYSO is for everyone. For instrumentalists from 4th grade to college, playing for 2 years or 12, EYSO aims to find a place for each student to grow in one of our five orchestras.

The EYSO Placement Philosophy

After hearing auditions in late spring, EYSO staff thoughtfully make placement decisions based on playing ability, age, and the current needs of each ensemble. Students are placed in the ensemble most closely matching their musical level, including such considerations as the quality of tone production, technical facility, range on the instrument, intonation, vibrato, dynamic range, articulation, phrasing, rhythmic integrity, expressive style, and overall accuracy.

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Audition & Membership Requirements

Click here for a detailed list of what to prepare for your audition.