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Stories Behind the Music

Join us for a storytelling journey where you will experience personal stories from staff, students, alumni, board members, and others with a personal connection to EYSO.

Finding ways to connect--when we are required to remain separate--is challenging. Since 1976, EYSO has been a place of connection and belonging for hundreds of young people. EYSO families value the sense of community that is such an important part of EYSO, making coming together and forging ahead even more important.

This Season

In March, we suspended in-person rehearsals, then pivoted to distance learning via Zoomhearsals (you'll learn more about these in our stories) without missing a single Sunday afternoon of scheduled activity. More recently, we moved our May 10th season finale concert to an online format. Conductors, coaches and students have worked enthusiastically and passionately toward this reimagined virtual performance.

EYSO is known for great concerts -- the culmination of weeks of engaging, dynamic, and thought-proving collaboration in the rehearsal room. While Zoomhearsals and virtual concerts don’t replace time together in the rehearsal room and on stage, these efforts offer a glimpse into the "EYSO difference".

If you've ever wondered who does all of our beautiful artwork, it's longtime board member and EYSO parent, Noel Childs. You'll be hearing from Noel and his family during this campaign. In the meantime, please visit Noel's site to learn more about him and his work by visiting:

Why are we doing this?

1. To raise awareness. Learn how EYSO impacts the personal growth and development of students and why EYSO has been a place of refuge, connection, and belonging to hundreds since 1976.

2. To raise funds. The goal of this campaign is to raise $30,000 to ensure that EYSO continues to fill this critical niche as we navigate through the COVID-19 crisis.

Thank you for caring and becoming a member of the EYSO family.

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Campaign Fundraising Goal: $30,000 by June 30th

  • Funds Raised: $30,725 | Funds Remaining: $0100%

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