Pixels: You Complete Elgin’s Image and EYSO

Learn more about our organization with this fantastic video created by the Elgin YWCA. Hear our story and how this organization is one of many “pixels” that completes Elgin’s image.

For the past several months, the Junior Marketing Committee, under the direction of Ms. Korisa Madayag, has worked to develop and produce a cultural awareness campaign called Pixels: You Complete Elgin’s Image. This project aims to celebrate Elgin’s diversity and share stories of how organizations and individuals celebrate their culture through the arts. From dance troupes to singers, the YWCA created videos and posters to release  throughout Elgin, where people can learn about these organizations and individuals. In May, the YWCA will hold a showcase and invite the community to a screening of the entire project in the form of a documentary. Their hope is that Pixels: You Complete Elgin’s Image will shine a spotlight on just a few people who make Elgin so special.

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