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Week Four – Balmoral

Campsie Glen Chicken

The Campsie Glen Chicken is the bestselling recipe from the award-winning Balmoral Restaurant in Campton Hills, IL. Chicken Breast paired with Smoked Bacon and a Stilton Blue Cheese Sauce creates a comforting, decadent meal that will make dinner seem like a royal feast in the Scottish Highlands.



Featuring the Sounds of Scotland by the Vivace Trio!

These three passionate musicians are all honors chamber ensemble students at EYSO. Vivace Trio is what you might call their passion project.

Cate, Harry, and Kennedy (left to right in photo) have recorded string renditions of Scottish music for you to enjoy on this special occasion.

We can’t wait to see you on Saturday night!

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Program for the Evening

EYSO Musical Interlude

Your Chef Returns, Recipe Assembly & Cooking

EYSO Musical Interlude

Plating Your Culinary Creation!

Door Prize Drawing!

Music to End the Evening

Thank You for Cooking & Dining with EYSO!