You did it! Because of you we exceeded our NOTES 2022 goal by raising $56,000!

In addition to offsetting the cost of tuition, the generosity of donors to NOTES will provide a more diverse repertoire of music, purchase necessary resources including sheet music and instruments, and allow EYSO to have a broader reach by offering innovative community programs.

We extend a huge thank you to our students, families, staff, board, and donors. We are truly grateful for your contributions and unwavering support.

What is NOTES?

  • NOTES is EYSO’s annual family fundraising campaign.
  • Students write notes (letters), to get notes (donations), so they can play notes (music)!
  • EYSO families, alumni, board, and staff collect monetary donations to help keep tuition affordable.
  • The campaign runs from January 23 thru March 27.

If you are searching for a particular student’s page, simply:

  1. Click the button for that ensemble below.
  2. Scroll to to the bottom to find the student’s page you are seeking.
  3. Click the student’s page, take a moment to see their message, and donate.

Questions? Contact Kyla Brittain at or (847) 558-2246.

Thank you for donating to NOTES 2022!

NOTES 2022 Campaign Images