Welcome to EYSO’s Virtual Folklórico Concert!

On Sunday, May 10 at 7:00pm the virtual concert event featured performances by our three full orchestras, two string orchestras, Brass Choir, and EYSO Samba Band—plus one special project shared by all of EYSO.

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Our Honors Chamber Ensembles are also featured in a series of pre-concert performances.

Did you enjoy the Folklorico concert?  Click here to see more digital performances by EYSO’s Chamber Music Institute, showing off their great work for what would have been the CMI recital on April 19, 2020

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Program Listing

Primo at 21:08
Mama Paquita

Trad. Brazilian folk song
arr. Michael Story

Primo Intermezzo at 22:49
Red Wing

Kerry Mills (1869-1948)

Prelude at 24:46
“Furiant” from Slavonic Dances, Op. 46

Antonín Dvořák (1841-1904)
arr. Robert D. McCashin

Stepp Down Hoedown

William Stepp (1875-1947)
arr. Mark O'Connor

Sinfonia at 32:56
from Danse Bacchanale

Camille Saint-Saëns (1835-1921)

Brass Choir at 35:48
Just a Closer Walk With Thee

Trad., attributed to Kenneth Morris (1917-1989)
trans. D. Sartori

Samba Band at 37:50
Samba Batucada

arr. Zachary Bowers & Ricardo Flores

Philharmonia Chamber Orchestra at 43:08
Romanian Folk Dances

V. Poarga Românească
VI. Mărunţel
VII. Mărunţel

Béla Bartók (1881-1945)

Philharmonia at 45:09
from Porgy and Bess

George Gershwin (1898-1937)
arr. Robert Bennett

Youth Symphony at 48:12
“Skočná” from Slavonic Dances, Op. 46

Antonín Dvořák (1841-1904)

Elgin Youth Symphony Orchestra at 52:26
The Turtle Dove

Trad. English folk song
arr. G. Winston Cassler

Youth Symphony students describe what The Turtle Dove means to them.

Executive Director's Letter


Thanks for joining us for Folklórico, our first-ever online performance. This concert and the last couple of months of activity that has led up to it were clearly not what we planned at the beginning of the season. With that said, I am so proud of what our team – administrative staff, conductors, coaches, donors, parents, and most of all our students – have accomplished.

As a small arts and education organization, we remain in a challenging time and we know there’s much to do to ensure we remain strong and are there for students in the future. But the tremendous support and passion people have brought to EYSO this season certainly promise a bright future ahead.

So much in our lives has been different than we expected this spring as the COVID-19 pandemic and related efforts to fight the spread of the virus have affected us all. As schools closed, and social distancing rules took force in early March, we were able to adjust quickly and smoothly to remote learning in ways that have allowed us to teach, learn, and make music together as our community does what is necessary to keep each other safe. Since then, our conductors and students have worked hard to make this happen in the ways most effective for them: video rehearsals, playing check-ins, email discussions, social media, and other forms of remote learning.

The fact that that the Folklórico concert itself was not canceled outright but reimagined into a single online performance featuring all of our EYSO ensembles, speaks volumes about what is important at EYSO.

I would also like to thank our financial supporters – from individuals to foundations to the state – who helped make this all possible. Funding from supporters like these will essentially be used for the same purposes as originally intended, but the result will take a different form.

I also thank all of you who were part of our 2020 NOTES campaign, whether by supporting your student, volunteering, or donating. You helped raise much-needed funding for EYSO.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in learning more about EYSO or supporting our mission, visit Stories Behind the Music or call me at (847) 841-7700.

With gratitude,

K. Eric Larson
Executive Director

Artistic Director's Letter

What a few months it has been.

On March 8, we celebrated the incredible work of our students in En Pointe: Orchestra at the Ballet with performances by each of our ensembles and stunning collaborations with Luis Vazquez, our guest artist. The very next week, as we were to launch into our final concert cycle of the season, the world changed—in person rehearsals were suspended, and we began the process of shifting entirely to remote and digital learning for the rest of the year.

But one thing never changed.

The EYSO spirit of innovation, curiosity, and enthusiasm burned brightly as ever while students, families, staff, and volunteers came together to create something truly spectacular: a digital concert cycle and final performance, with all the hallmarks of expert noticing we’ve come to appreciate in EYSO. We came together joyfully in Zoom rehearsals, laughing and learning about folk music and dance, and we stayed in touch to tackle the challenges of playing in socially-distant ensembles. The importance of what we do together was thrown into sharp relief: the power of expert noticing, the value of music and the arts in times of adversity, and the meaning of being a part of a beloved community like the EYSO.

In a community like this, magic is possible. In each and every one of the performances today, you’ll hear musicians playing together as an orchestra—musicians who have never played this music together. Every note, rhythm, and musical nuance was learned digitally, and then practiced individually. It’s both magical and astonishing to know this: that today, in this performance, is the first time that our performers have heard themselves playing this music with their colleagues. That takes resilience, intellectual curiosity, courage, and love for your community.

And that’s the EYSO spirit.

Thank you both for being here with us today and for your support of this community. We are so grateful to have you with us in our final concert of MOVE, our 44th season—and we can’t wait to share with you in our 45th!
Matthew Sheppard
Artistic Director

P.S. A special thank you to our volunteer videographer Anthony Riani, who has worked tirelessly to bring today’s concert to life.

Private Instructors

Katie Abernethy
Bernardo Arias
Codruta Ban
Eleanor Bartsch
Dana Bellew
Julie Bickel
Lamar Blum
Charlotte Bogda
Rita Borkowski
Louise Brodie
Catherine Canavan
Ryan Caparella
Katie Chivari
Lisa Chodorowski
Lilian Chou
Claire Collins ♪
Connelly Connelly
Denise Connolly ♪
Jessica Cozarrubias
Carol Dylan
Wendy Evans ♪
Jackie Fisher ♪
Jillian Forbes
Renee Gauthier
Katy Gillan
Zach Green
Karen Hallier
Ann Heide
Laura Hinkle
Nancy Jackson
Paula Johansen
Carl Johnston
Phillip Kleven
Kate Kulzick
Lauren Lai
Kathryn Layug
Drew Lecher
Eunyoung Lee
Lauren Lei
Agnieszka Likos
Taka Matsunaga
Donald Montgomery
Jackie Moore
Chelsea Musson
Joanna Newby ♪
Elizabeth Ortiz
James Park
Catherine Pittman
Laura Polick
Susan Posner
Stefanie Puczek
Emily Puntuzs
Lori Rollins
Kathryn Satoh
Julie Schreiner
Gretchen Sherrell
Jennifer Silk
Steven Sjobring

Ann Smelser
Patrick Smith
Sarah Smith
Anna Sobczak
Susan Starrett
Jill Thackery-Proud
Simonne Tingley ♪
Katherine Tolifon
Ashley Tracey
Eileen Tsuzuki
Carolyn Van De Velde
Emily Ward
Gina Young

Katy Balk ♪
Henry Criz
David Dai
Inna Eyzerovich
Ashley Fitzwater
Theresa Goh ♪
Tom Havel
Lisa Hirschmugl
Jenny Masters
Elyse Napoli
Joanna Nerius

Timothy Archbold
Allie Chambers
Diane Chou
Wendy Cotton
Dorothy Deen
Linda Duneske
Marian Fadrowski
Sally Gross
Jean Hatmaker
Brian Hoffman
Anita Hwang
Eun Kim
Catherine Kuna
Mark Kuntz
Andrea Lafranzo
Julie Lawrence
Mark Liu
Laura Love
Mary McGinty
Kerena Moeller
Ruth Mudge
Alexa Muhly
Carol Ourada
James Pesek
Sally Gross
Linc Smelser
Holly Stangland
Delle Vercimak
Caroline Wright

Jeremy Beyer
Eli Broxham
Katy Balk ♪
Matt Buri
Virginia Dixon
Tracy Dullea ♪
Christop Griff
Steve Reichelt
Tim Shaffer
Ken Stuz

Haymee An
Jill Burlingame
Ruth Cavanaugh
Lisa Hall
Cate Hummel
Maxine Lange
Shawn Maxwell
Scott Metlicka ♪
Teresa Muir
Cynara Pierzine ♪
Julie Tendy

Debra Freedland
Kristine Mertens
Julie Popplewell
Marilyn Sands
Deb Stevenson
Derek Weihofen

Nancy Botti
Laura Chalmers
Lacy Garbar
Cally Laughlin
Garrett Matlock
Chris Prohaska
Jennifer Swenson
Kathy Way

Dennis Beierman
Theresa Brooks
Gwyn Downey ♪
Kimberly Richter
Richard Stiles

David Batdorf
Nancy Brocker
Russ Henning
Eric Kaiser
Kelley Langenburg
Morgan Lentino
Kathleen Mitchell
Dave Peterson
Paulette Velasquez

Phil Feo
Jason Flaks ♪
Ryan Hobbs ♪
Kari Lee
Caleb Mitchell
Sean O'donnell
Mark Olen
Mark Ponzo
Dan Price
James Wallace

Mark Bettcher
Chelsea French
Mark Fry
Zach Siegel
Bryan Tipps

Scott Tegge ♪

Jim Langenberg
Dylan Rehm
Scott Tegge ♪

Heather Bouton
Ed Breckenfeld
Frank Check
Christine Rehyem
Michael Folker
Scott Grigoletto
Andrew Hix
Jeff King
Walter Schneider

Michael Maganuco

♪ Denotes EYSO Alum or parent of Alum

The EYSO apologizes for any omissions or inaccuracies in the private instructor and school director lists. Please contact the EYSO office at office@eyso.org with additions or corrections

School Directors

Anthony Gnutek
Terry Foster
Amy Jones

Bethany Lugay
David Pakkebier
Dawn Pakkebier
Mary Beth McCarthy
Rene Rosas
Daryl Silberman ♪
Mark Duker

Clark Sheldon
Randy Karon
Michael Nelson
Ben Sorce
Kevin Fredrick

Eric Hollaway
Kelly Larson
Alex Rivera
Tristan Broeker

Chris Griffith
Chris Owen
Allison Liska

Jim Struyk

Lauren Whisnant

Beth Wood
Michael Kasper ♪
Melissa Aukes
Preston Krauska

Marty Magnini

Michael Mascari

Emanuele Andrizzi
Keith Levin
Kristina Wooden
Keith Hulen
Tim Blakewell

Jennifer Mullen

Matthew Bishop
Anna Von Ohlen

Katy Balk ♪
Rebecca Rome
Stephen Reichelt
Tim Shaffer
Tom Weyland
Jennifer Melugin
Joanna Newby
Brendyn Dobbeck ♪
Ruth Cavanaugh
Carol Westphal
Rachel Monroe

Brian Berg ♪
Michael Pavlik ♪
Ray Ostwald

Julie Lawrence
Neil Shipton
Patrick Frederick ♪
Jason Flaks ♪
Kelly Stach
Andrea Jerozal ♪
Helen Bogda
Karen Chrisman
Shara Frederick

Thomas Rucker

Philip Bauman
Andrew Ladendorf
Lev Garbar
Steve Govertsen
Jonathan Walsh
William Ortega
Samantha Tribley

Emma Leland
Jeremy Beyer

Chandran (CJ) Daniel

Kevin Krivosik
Leah Novak

Tom Culver

Nathan Sackschewsky

Enrique Vilaseco
Sonny Petway
Anthony Krempa

Colleen Alvin ♪
Benjamin Alifantis

Tara Cappelletti
Tim Fawkes

Lori Lauff
Stephanie Lein
Erika McCann
Mya Dwyer
Keith Pitner
Brad Pfeil
Greg Schwaegler
Matt Angell
Graham Heise
Matthew White

Kelly Cooper
Stephanie San Roman

Dan Marcotte
Marla Caballero

Julianna Karvelius
David Lesniak

Thompson Brandt

Kevin Carroll

Adrian Anderson
Daniel Beder
Gilbert Wukitsch
James Kull
Andrew Masters
Brian Wis
John Wojciechowski
John Blank
Sandra Sebolt-Pogge
Don Kovach
Lori Rollins
James Pesek
Angela Wifler

Susan Carlson
Vincent Inendino

Rachel Saldana
Robert Botwinski
Kurt Dobbeck

Zachary Geller

Amy Tonaki ♪
Ken Tonaki ♪

Steve Willemssen

Grace Mayell
Kent Krause
Joanne Wegscheid

Stacie Savittieri

Victor Anderson
Emily Beyer
Kimberly Gyssler
Robert Vriezen

♪ Denotes EYSO Alum or parent of Alum

The EYSO apologizes for any omissions or inaccuracies in the private instructor and school director lists. Please contact the EYSO office at office@eyso.org with additions or corrections

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