Neha Myers


Neha worked in the Bay Area for several years as a Senior Propulsion Engineer for Space Systems/Loral where she helped develop and integrate propulsion systems for commercial satellite programs such as DirecTv, Dish Network, and Sirius XM radio.  She and her husband Matt moved to Illinois almost 17 years ago as they started their family.  Since then, she has worked at home in West Chicago to raise her children while remaining actively involved in volunteer programs at their schools and in their parent-teacher association.  As her three kids grow up, she has brought the organizational and problem-solving skills she gained through engineering and volunteering commitments to serve the EYSO community.  As a parent of an EYSO alumni and two students in EYSO this year, she and her husband have already seen the benefits of them being a part of the organization and she looks forward to helping EYSO in the coming years.