Allison Winsor


Allison Winsor has worked professionally in design and marketing for several manufacturing companies. She enjoys being an active volunteer for EYSO and serving as a member of the Special Events  and Awareness Committees. In addition to her involvement with EYSO, she currently is an active volunteer for the Kayla's Hope Foundation, a local non-profit who's mission is to remove the stigma of mental illnesses and she sits on the board for the cemeteries in Kaneville Township.

Allison lives in St. Charles with her husband Tom, and two children, Cate and Andrew. Cate is a violinist in Youth Symphony and the
2022-23 season is Cate's 8th and final season with EYSO. Watching her daughter and her peers grow and thrive in EYSO is what inspires Allison to continue to be a part of EYSO for many years to come.