Dr. Lindsay Wright

Prelude Conductor

Wright is conductor of the String Orchestra and Preparatory Strings at Hyde Park Youth Symphony, where she has led these two orchestras since 2015. She has served as an instrumental music teacher for the School District of Philadelphia and as a private violin teacher, group instructor, and chamber coach in a range of contexts. In 2013, she
co-founded a small cooperative music school that offers private and group instruction to students on Chicago’s South Side. Wright is active as a classical violinist and has enjoyed learning a range of other genres.

Wright received her PhD in musicology in 2018 from the University of Chicago. She currently works as a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Humanities there, teaching undergraduate courses in world music, media aesthetics, and Western classical music. Her dissertation, “Discourses of Musical Talent in American Culture,” argues that the concept of
musical talent has been used to perpetuate systems of racial and socioeconomic privilege. As an education researcher, Wright has worked with Chicago Public Schools teachers and arts partners through Ingenuity, a Chicagobased arts education advocacy and research organization. She currently serves as an advisor on Ingenuity’s Dataand Research Collective Impact Panel, which aims to better understand and expand arts education opportunities for students in Chicago. She holds a MEd in Multicultural Education and BA degrees in Music and African American studies.