EYSO’s 45th Season: Myths & Legends

Our 2020-21 season is called MYTHS & LEGENDS—and we can’t wait to explore it together. Through our study of incredible orchestral music, we’ll be building and examining connections between music and our wider world, exploring preconceived notions and societal and cultural constructs, and examining our own values and beliefs. We’ll ask the question, how do our myths and legends, both cultural and personal, influence our worldview?

Download a PDF of EYSO’s 2020-21 Season Calendar:

2020-21 Season Calendar

Download a PDF of EYSO’s 2020-21 Season Handbook, which includes important information regarding EYSO policies and procedures. By participating in EYSO activities, you agree to abide by the most recent version of this Handbook:

Season Handbook (Revised 1/4/2021)

Download a PDF of EYSO’s 2021-22 Season Calendar (Handbook coming soon):

2021-22 Season Calendar (Revised 1/31/2021)

The Calendar and Handbook are subject to change, so check back regularly for updated versions and watch your weekly eNews for the most current information.