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EYSO’s 47th Season: Design

Artists and influencers know the power of design: that small details have an outsized impact on how we move through the world. By building clear objectives and well-crafted blueprints, employing layers of meaning both conscious and subconscious, and utilizing  a steady hand to guide the process, innovators can shape the world around them. In EYSO’s 47th season, explore how sound comes together through design to make music—and how music can change the world. 

I. Blueprints (November 13, 2022) 

II. 99% Invisible (March 12, 2023) 

III. Fundamentals (April 1, 2023) 

IV. Impact (May 14, 2023) 


Tickets for the Blueprints concert are now available!

Sunday, November 13, 2022 • 2:00PM, 4:30PM, & 7:00PM
ECC Arts Center, Blizzard Theater

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2022-23 Season Calendar (Revised 8/25/2022)

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