2023 NOTES Campaign

January 22-March 26

Tuition only covers 30% of the total cost of each member's participation in EYSO. 

The NOTES Campaign helps to keep tuition affordable for all aspiring young musicians by encouraging EYSO families to raise funds by asking family, friends, co-workers and people like you for monetary donations! 

Every student has a "Why".

Each student has a personal EYSO story — stories of aspiration, personal growth, and a shared community. It's these stories that make EYSO so unique. To read individual EYSO student stories and to make a donation, visit the ensemble pages to the right. All donations to the NOTES campaign are tax deductible as allowable by law. 

What is NOTES?

  • NOTES is EYSO’s annual family fundraising campaign.
  • Students write notes (letters), to get notes (donations), so they can play notes (music)!
  • EYSO families, alumni, board, and staff collect monetary donations to help keep tuition affordable.
  • The campaign runs from January 22 thru March 26.

If you are searching for a particular student’s page, simply:

  1. Click the button for that ensemble below.
  2. Scroll to to the bottom to find the student’s page you are seeking.
  3. Click the student’s page, take a moment to see their message, and donate.

Questions? Contact Kyla Brittain at kbrittain@eyso.org or (847) 558-2246.

Thank you for donating to NOTES 2023!

NOTES 2023 Campaign Images