EYSO’s 2017-18 Season: Elemental

EYSO’s 2017-18 Season: Elemental

Elemental: What Nature Tells Us About the Orchestra

When Gustav Mahler was sketching his monumental Third Symphony, he penciled in at the top of the first movement “what the mountains tell me.” Composers have always been inspired and challenged by the natural world—not just to imitate it, but seek to understand it and share their understanding in sound.

Using critical inquiry and EYSO’s famous “expert noticing,” students in EYSO’s 2017-18 season will study great symphonic music as a lens to understand concepts like organicism, musical motifs as DNA, and the orchestra as a kind of ecosystem. Featuring music of Bernstein, Dvorak, Rachmaninoff, Bach, and more.

2017-18 Season: Elemental
November 5, 2017: Earth
March 11, 2018: Water
April 2018: Air
May 6, 2018: Fire

To audition for the 2017-18 season, visit eyso.org/join-eyso


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