Anthony Riani


Anthony Riani lives in Geneva and is the proud father of two EYSO alums; Anaka played trumpet and Rebecca played violin. Anthony spent most of his career in the print industry, but has loved music since his own school days. He started the trombone in fifth grade (although his first choice would have been trumpet) and played in band, marching band, solo ensemble, and musical pit orchestras. It was during Anaka’s second EYSO season that Anthony decided rather than just dropping off his girls at rehearsal, he would stay and watch. More and more fascinated with the EYSO approach—encouraging curiosity, imagination, critical thinking and collaboration (which he admits was different than his own musical experience as a kid)—he had an idea. Why not use his skills as a videographer to provide the conductors with a weekly video of their rehearsal, to review and use to plan the following week? For the last 7 season, Anthony has faithfully video-recorded not only every rehearsal, but every concert. EYSO conductors have appreciated this tremendous resource, but even more, they have appreciated Anthony’s dependability, his flexibility and generosity of time, and his ever-cheerful “Yes, we can!” attitude.