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EYSO Sponsorship Opportunities

We invite you to partner with the Elgin Youth Symphony Orchestra and help support its mission to create a community of young musicians, enriching their lives and the lives of their families, schools, communities and beyond, through the study and performance of excellent music.


Under Music Director Randal Swiggum, the Elgin Youth Symphony Orchestra is in its 35th season. It is the premiere pre-professional orchestral experience for young musicians in the Fox Valley and Chicagoland suburbs.


What is the EYSO?

  • Three full orchestras: Youth Symphony, Philharmonia and Sinfonia
  • Prelude Orchestra, for beginning string players
  • Primo, for string players in grades 3-8, works to build basic orchestral playing skills and string techniques.
  • Brass Choir
  • Chamber Music Institute (CMI)

Where & when is the EYSO?

Each group rehearses Sundays at the Elgin Community College Visual and Performing Arts Center. Concerts are performed three times a season at Elgin Community College, Blizzard Theatre. Throughout the season the Honors Chamber Groups travel on school-day tours offering masterclasses to area students. The CMI (Chamber Music Institute) perform twice per season and have many performances in retirement homes in the surrounding communities.

Who plays in the EYSO?

Our students, age 9 to 21, come from over 60 communities!

What draws people to hear these young people perform?

The EYSO is well-known for its musical achievements, its unique approach to teaching kids, and its excellent staff. In 2002, Music Director Randal Swiggum was honored for meritorious service in orchestral conducting by the Illinois Council of Orchestras and in 2001 the orchestra received a City of Elgin Image Award in recognition of excellence, growth and promotion of youth in the Elgin area. In 2007, the EYSO was named Youth Orchestra of the Year by the Illinois Council of Orchestras. In 2008, Randal Swiggum was named Conductor of the Year by the ICO.


EYSO Sponsorship Opportunities


Advertise with the EYSO

Corporate Sponsorship

Concert Sponsorship

Student Sponsorship

Individual Sponsorship


Advertising with the EYSO


How many people attend the concerts and will see my ad?

Each EYSO concert night is attended by over 1,300 people from all over the Fox Valley and Chicagoland suburbs. Your ad will reach six concert audiences of music lovers from the west, southwest, and northwest suburbs.


Are there other benefits?

These funds are vital in helping to offset a student's tuition and other program costs. Plus, you have the satisfaction of knowing your advertising dollars are supporting a program known for its exemplary concert performances and its rich educational programs.


How do I place my ad or list my business?

Complete a simple contract which allows you to choose from the various ad sizes and price ranges. Simply choose your ad size and write a check to EYSO in the amount specified by your ad size choice. Remember, if you cannot afford an ad right now, a donation of $50 will list your business name as an EYSO supporter.


In what format should the ads be submitted?

PDF is the preferred format. We can accept Illustrator, Photoshop and PageMaker. We will also work with a crisp, clean black and white copy. Also, if you need to have your ad formatted we can do that for a design fee of $35.


Corporate Sponsorship


EYSO relies upon CORPORATE SPONSORSHIPS to maintain the current programs offered to area students and gives the potential to serve more community members.

Corporate sponsorship helps to keep the tuition for students at a reasonable price, and directly supports EYSO programs. With the State of Illinois lowering the grants to Illinois' non-profit educational arts organizations, it is more important that corporate sponsorships and donations are received.


For questions or to discuss the benefits of sponsorship, please contact the Corporate Sponsorship Committee or call the EYSO office 847-841-1700


Compelling reasons why businesses should sponsor the EYSO...Invest in your communities future!


  • Music and business go hand-in-hand. The future workforce is attending school right now. You can help shape the future by supporting the EYSO right now. By Investing in the musical youth today could benefit your business tomorrow!
  • A recent Rockefeller Foundation Study discovered that music majors have the highest rate of admittance to medical schools, followed by biochemistry and the humanities.
  • Music students received more academic honors and awards than non-music students. A higher percentage of music participants received As, As/Bs, and Bs than non-music participants.
  • Music study develops skills that are necessary in the workplace. It focuses on "doing," as opposed to observing, and teaches students how to perform, literally, anywhere in the world. Employers are looking for multi-dimensional workers with the sort of flexible and supple intellects that music education helps to create as described above. In the music classroom, students can also learn to better communicate and cooperate with one another.

"The nation's top business executives agree that arts education programs can help repair weaknesses in American education and better prepare workers for the 21st century." "The Changing Workplace is Changing Our View of Education." Business Week.


Concert Sponsorship


Concert Sponsorship helps to offset the cost of the concert production and associated fees.


The 35th season is propudly sponsored by the USPlate Insurance Comany.

Legends and Heroes - Available $2500

Timepieces - Available $2500

Brass Choir Masterclass & Concert - SPONSORED

Only in Elgin - A 35th Anniversary Reunion & Gala Celebration - Available - $3500


The EYSO Board Reception which occurs between the 4pm and 7pm concerts, may be sponsored for $350.


Student Sponsorship


There are many talented and eager young musicians, with the need for financial assistance.

The EYSO always encounters family with financial hardships. In this current downturn in our nation's economy, more students are in need of a sponsorship to continue their musical paths. The EYSO is seeking financial supporters for these select students from businesses and private sponsors. If you are willing to help sponsor a musical student, please contact the EYSO for more information. 847-841-7700


How can individuals, family, friends or music educators show their support?


Anyone interested in supporting these young musicians can make a donation in any amount and have their name listed in every concert program. Memorial and Honor gifts are listed by name, not by amount or gift.


We are excited about the tremendous growth of the EYSO!


However, this program would not be possible without the support of businesses, organizations and individuals in the more than 60 communities where our students live. Please give to the EYSO and its dedicated musicians by advertising your support in our concert program. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.


For additional questions or information please contact:
EYSO Office, 847-841-7700, fax 847-841-7702


This program is partially supported by a grant from the Elgin Cultural Arts Commission and the Illinois Arts Council.


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